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hh_stamping's Journal

Hogwarts is Home - Character Stamping
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Welcome to hh_stamping, a character stamping subcommunity for hogwartsishome. If you have stumbled upon us by accident or through an interest search and are not a member of HiH, please head on over to platform_934, read through the user info, and submit your application to be sorted into our community; we'd love to have you! If you're already a member of HiH, be sure that you're also a member of your house's common room and also of hh_stamping so that you can get in on all of the stamping fun!

for applicants
In order to be stamped at hh_stamping, you must first be a member of hogwartsishome and your house's common room. After you meet those criteria, you may apply to be stamped.

The regular stamping application can be found here. You may not alter the code on the application in any way, as it is already written for maximum readability. When you have finished filling out your application, simply post it to the community. It will not appear right away since this community is moderated.

Stamping will occur once every two months. Applications are submitted to the posting queue during a period of time that the mod(s) set up as the official submission queue for apps. The time of the queue opening will be announced before each stamping week. You cannot edit an application while it is in the submission queue. However, if you feel like you need to fix it or wish to withdraw it, simply contact the mod, and your application can be deleted and a new one resubmitted in its place. There is no length requirement for stamping applications, but just like at platform_934, applications can get no voted if there simply is not enough information available to go on. Pushing for a particular character is not strictly against the rules, but it is apparent, and there is no rule that makes the voters vote the way you want them to. If you wish to screen your votes- AT ANY TIME IN YOUR STAMPING PROCESS- that option is also open to you.

If you are unhappy with the character you have been stamped, you are free to apply to be restamped. The special application for restamping can be found here. Also, after you have been stamped with a regular character stamp, you are eligible for the theme stamps.

The applications for the theme applications can be found here.

for voters
Voting on stamping applications earns hogwartsishome members points towards the House Cup for the term. Each vote earns you three points, and an elaborated vote explaining your choice earns you 10 points. If you finish voting on all of the applications in one week, you will receive a bonus of thirty points and fifteen knuts! All votes MUST be signed with your name and house, and it's even better if you use a signature tag (same rules apply as at platform_934). You also have the potential to earn ten bonus points if you purchase our bonus items!

Voters are reminded that HiH as a whole is a PG-13 community, and that responses should be kept at that level. Also, please try to think for yourself: copycat voting is discouraged, though hard to enforce.

Term LI Contact/Comment/Suggestion Post
Any questions, comments, or concerns? Never hesitate to contact me!

Stamping Mod: svspiria
PM Me | Stamping Mod E-mail

HiH Mod overseeing Stamping: growling
HiH Head Mod: theaeblackthorn

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